Consultant Role: Data Architect/Database Developer

Global (Anywhere)

09 Dec 2023

Global (Anywhere)




20 Dec 2023

Data Architect/Database Developer Consultant 

Expected Effort : 3 month engagement at 10-15 hours a week (short term non-employee role)

WomenLift Health, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is dedicated to expanding the power and influence of talented women in global health and catalyzing systemic change to achieve gender equality in leadership. We are currently based in North America, India, and East Africa (Kenya) and are expanding to Southern Africa.

Our Work – Established in 2019, we work to advance equality in health leadership through a range of actions at the individual, institutional, and societal levels. This includes:

  • a 12-month long leadership training program for multiple cohorts of mid-career women leaders including a leadership project and other deliverables developed by each woman.  We anticipate engaging 3000 women in this program by 2029;
  • an alumnae platform that continues to engage and track graduates;
  • leadership workshops for senior institutional leaders, we anticipate 30-80 leaders per year; and
  • conferences and speaker events.  

Our work is underpinned by a robust monitoring, evaluation and learning framework that captures quantitative and qualitative data about the program, the advancement of women leaders over time, the changes within institutions and the reach of the WomenLift Health voice and brand.   

We are in search of a consultant or firm with expertise in designing and setting up scalable & integrated databases and familiarity with various CRM platforms, e.g. Salesforce, etc.) and help us decide how/if to integrate with our own CRM (Salesforce):

  • For ~3,000 women leaders by 2029: Data is currently captured on 4 unconnected platforms (Internal Smartsheets, website, external Learning manage system, CRM)
  • Applications and on-boarding information
  • Leadership Project deliverables including design, stakeholder mapping, and final video and tracking on-going progress for 5 years for roughly 15% of projects
  • Updated bios and titles – at least 4x a year
  • Leadership histories / stories over time (video and written)
  • Storing Monitoring, Survey and Evaluation data collected, analyzed by our Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Partner
  • For 30-80 senior institutional leaders per year
    • Bios
    • Institutional change plans
    • Leadership histories / stories (video and written)
  • Videos from conference sessions and speaker events

The Database should:

  • Be scalable to accommodate future growth and demands
  • Be taggable and sortable/filterable based on our needs
  • Externally - enhance our website (an external directory)
  • Support Alumnae - mobile app (external directory be integrated to app)
  • Internally – connect information on various platforms and create a single source of truth, support internal reporting needs – MEL, comms storytelling, donor proposals, etc.

WomenLift Health’s ideal consultant/firm comes with the following:

  • Knowledge of interactive data visualization and business intelligence tools
  • Expertise in designing and setting up databases and familiarity with various database platforms, e.g. Salesforce, etc.) and help us decide how/if to integrate with our own CRM
  • Knowledge of data protection rules and regulations as applies in different regions
  • Has experience across all phases of data modeling, from conceptualization to database optimization
  • Can map the systems and interfaces used to manage data, sets standards for data management, analyze current state and conceive desired future state
  • Knowledge of working globally, with particular focus on East Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda), India, and the United States
  • Strong interest in global health and/or women’s leadership
  • Impeccable attention to detail

If interested, please submit a proposal/cover letter through the Jobsoid link and include:

  • Hourly rate or fee
  • Availability
  • Resume/experience
  • Paragraph or two on why you are interested in working with us and why you are a good fit
  • Link to previous work done
  • Three References